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There are a lot of web builders on the market that you can choose from. However recently Get Clear has established themselves as an organization that has a lot of potential and has proven to be a web builder that can compete with the likes of Wordpress and Wix. In a field as competitive as web building Get Clear has still somehow established a niche and found a way to be unique and in many ways superior to other web builders on the market today. The best way of describing a Get Clear site is a web builder that is simpler & easier to use than Wordpress and Wix that is combined with built in messaging and Storybrand qualities. While at the same time prioritizes customer experience and service above all else. There are few companies in the tech industry where you can send in a question and receive an actual human responding to you within a day. Not only that but for editing question there usually is a customized tutorial that comes along with it. Some of the areas of business that this web builder works best for would include medical businesses & dentistry, counselling services, construction & contractors, & contract manufacturer's. With that being said this is a platform that can be utilized for virtually any business and has an excellent track record in ranking on Google and providing SEO assistance. 

With all that said let's take a deeper dive into the platform and examine some of the strengths and weaknesses you may experience when trying to use a the Get Clear platform. 

Company Description

Get Clear Sites is a web platofrm that is based out of Vancouver Canada. It was founded in 2017 and has shown steady growth ocer the last several years. Get Clear's team has built sites that are based around the concept of Storybrand which is a marketing philosophy which has proven to be extremly effective in many different fields. Get Clear is a web platform that is based around three vital aspects being custoemr service, Storybrand structure, and ease of use in terms of editing. While still young this is a company that looks to be very much on the rise. 

Overall strengths

The main strength of the this web platform is the fact that it is in synchronized with a Storybrand Marketing framework that allows you to have outstanding messaging on your site as well as having a contemporary look and feel. Everything about the design of the pages is to simplify and clarify your message and to get real results. The platform is much more than just a place to post information about your business, it is a tool that can help you market yourself and reach your target market. 

Another strength of this platform is the constant updates that are constantly being added to the platform. Unlike other organizations that charge additional fees for updates and add on, Get Clear's are simply included in their monthly subscription fees. This creates the benefit that this is likely the last platform that you will need to buy because of the constant updates and improvements that are being added to the site.

A final highlight of their web builder platform is the ability to customize the site to whatever you your businesses needs are. The customization options extend to the building of pages, blogs, blocks, photos, text, and icons throughout the site. While there is a Storybrand framework that is already set up on the site users are able to change elements of the framework to make sure you are telling the story of your business and what you can do to help your clients. 


As far as weaknesses go, the biggest one would be that there are some limitation of what the platform can support. For example you are unable to do e-commence on this platform and they do not have as many high functioning widgets as a Wordpress or a Wix site. The primary focus of a Get Clear site is to have a clear and attractive platform to create a positive and simple experience for a client. This however, does again come with a cost of unlimited customization which is understandable as having limitless customization options would interfere with the integrity of the Storybrand framework. 

Ease of Use

One of the biggest advantages of a Get Clear site is the ease of use and the simplicity making edits on the platform. When it comes to making simple changes such as editing text and photos this is as easy as web design gets. There are clear editing tools throughout the sites editor mode with clearly lay out options for making changes to your photos and text. Not only that, but each individual block has a "edit block" option that allows the user to customize each unique block on the site. Changes to your site blocks that on other platforms that can take hours can be done in a matter of minutes. Aspects such as color, size, layout, and background can be customized and changed with a single click of a button on a Get Clear site. 

Besides being able to edit blocks, text, and photos with ease a Get Clear site is also fantastic when it comes to customizes the site as a whole. The Get Clear platform has an admin tab that allows users to make changes and edits to the entirety of the site in seconds. The primary fonts, colors, and photos for the site can all be changed with the click of the button from the admin tab. Not only that but every aspects of the site from the main menu, to the header, to the footer can be customized with different layout, colors, photos, alignment, and size. Again all of these editing options are done with a couple simple clicks and allow the web designer to make substantial changes in a short amount of time. 
Design of Templates

Customization options:

Again this is the strength of the platform. While not completely limitless, it is incredibly easy and simple to make edits and to structure your site to fit the Storybrand framework. Colors, photos, font, text, layout, and blocks are all aspects of the site that are able to but customized to whatever the client wants. The template comes with a simple structure which can then be altered to fit the needs of the user. Users on the platform are also able to build out pages completely from scratch and are able add and build out the dozen or so blocks to create any type of page that they desire. There truly is no other platform that can be so easily built and edited so quickly as the Get Clear platform. 


The design of the site built around the idea of simplicity to make your messaging as impactful as possible. The site is broken up into section called blocks that can be easily edited, deleted, and created. A major impact on the look of the site are the colors that you select so make sure you choose a solid color plan to make your website stand out as much as possible. It is recommended you select a darker primary color and a brighter color to accent. Another feature that is important to use to optimize the design of the site is the ability add photos to the background of blocks. In doing this you add a level of sophistication to the look of the site and really makes the blocks on your website pop. 

Customer Support:

One of the highlights of using a site from Get Clear is the outstanding customer support that the company provides. Get Clear has a library of videos that walk clients through basic changes and show the user how to make simple edits to the platform. Many of the basic questions that a new user has can be solved and answered through these tutorial videos. For what the client can't find they can always get an answer by contacting the incredibly fast and reliable customer service from Get Clear. Simply send your question or request to Get Clear customer support and someone will typically respond within the hour. For questions regarding how to make edits the Get Clear team will be able to create a customized tutorial just for you, showing you exactly how to best use the platform. For more complicated requests the Get Clear team is always great to work with, and they will work with you until your question is answered.


As far as pricing goes Get Clear Sites have one of the more reasonable price points on the market. Monthly subscriptions start at $39.99. Included in the monthly rate is the following:

  • Human customer support when you need help
  • Access to our growing Knowledge Base
  • Continuous platform updates
  • Built-in search engine optimization
  • Embed your CRM to track leads and clients
  • Video embedding
  • Google Analytics
  • Unlimited pages
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited user accounts
  • Unlimited storage
  • Unlimited blog posts
  • Events and a calendar of events
  • Staff profiles
  • Password-protected pages
  • Unlimited contact forms
  • Unlimited contact form submissions
  • Photo galleries
  • Server backup

This is more than the starting point for Word or Wix, but ultimately you get what you pay for. There are no adds on Get Clear Sites like their are on Wix & Wordpress, and you always own your own domain unlike other platforms. Not to mention you get outstanding client support that other platforms are notoriously horrible at. If you are looking for a positive experience and for a platform that takes a "let's do this together" approach instead of "do it yourself", you should seriously consider getting yourself a Get Clear site today!


Overall this is an outstanding platform that really allows users to get access to built in marketing messaging as well as a Storybrand framework. It is affordable, easy to use & customize and also provides outstanding customer support. Essentially this checks all the boxes when it comes to getting a great looking website for your business. Whether you are just starting out or are wanting to improve on an already existing site this platform has something to offer. Again a major benefit of this site is that it will likely be the last site that you have to buy. New features and additions are constantly be uploaded to the site and the look and design of the platform is constantly being improved. In short this is a product that is competitive and in many respects better than many of the other platforms that exist on the market today. While the likes of Squrespace, and Wix may have more flash in some areas there really is no comparison in the ease of use to the Get Clear platform. That along with the incredible customer service that is offered from Get Clear really make this platform one to watch in the coming years. In conclusion if you are looking for the best bang for your buck you simply have to consider getting yourself a Get Clear Site & using the power of Storybrand to grow you business. 

For more information about getting started with a Get Clear website click the link below.

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