The medical field is experiencing is facing increased competition.
If you're a clinic owner who wants to grow your practice, a powerful website is essential to increase your potential patients' visibility as the best service provider.
Need A New Website For Your Medical Clinic?
Clinic Sites is a one-step solution to help you create an attractive and striking clinic website.

An amazing website helps you attract new patients and increase the number of appointments. A website helps you showcase your expertise and the services you offer.

The Clinic Sites website builder is the best website builder for medical clinics.
It gives you the tools you need to target your ideal patients.

We know how important it is that prospective patients find you easily. To do this, you need great SEO. Clinic Sites provides all the help on its easy-to-use platform so that your site can dominate on Google.

Moreover, the Clinic Sites team has made website building even simpler for those in the Jane community. The Jane integration saves them hours as the integration brings your services, practitioners, staff bios and contact information right to your website. When any of those changes, your website updates as well.

Easy to Use Interface
With an easy-to-use interface, you'll gain attention from potential patients and make them realize that you're the best doctor to satisfy their needs.

The features incorporated on this best website builder for medical clinics are so helpful and the best way to show your online existence. You will find it easy to set up without having any technical knowledge. Just pick your favourite template, and we do the rest to make sure you get the most out of your website building experience.

There will be no confusion and stress while you're trying to have a nicely designed website. This platform is for clinic owners—administrators, and every medical expert who isn't a tech expert.


Features And Design Options

Your website is the cornerstone of your healthcare marketing strategy. With Clinic Sites, you'll appreciate the industry-specific features like mobile-friendly designs, detailed appointment information, convenient patient education, and detailed services description. All these are essential for a winning website today.

These features, we believe, make Clinic Sites the best website builder for medical clinics. 

This website builder has incorporated multiple features that improve the user interface and create an engaging view of your website.

  • Here are some of the many features that Site Clinics provides you with
  • You can use the Home page and Front Banner to feature your photos, videos, and events  
  • You will be able to give a detailed description of the services offered
  • You can create a beautiful personalized design
  • You can make an instant gallery
  • Our site will be accessible from any device
  • Unique logins for your team members so that you can build and edit the website with them
Customization Options
This best website builder for medical clinics ensures that you can customize and beautify your websites as desired to make it enchanting and engaging.

With Clinic Sites, you will be able to make the following customizations to your site

  • Customization of your page titles and descriptions
  • Customization of the appearance of your site
  • Customization of content including colors, fonts, services, staff pictures, and bios
  • Customization of sections and pages
  • Customization of Design
  • Customization of About Us Page
Get the ideal integration hook up with your Jane account
Medical professionals are using Jane App for their health organizations and get clinic management capabilities, including online booking, scheduling, and invoicing.

Building your website has integral importance when it comes to helping your potential customers know you well. So, being a user of clinic sites, the best website builder for medical clinics gets you a fantastic way to have painless integration of your site with your Jane account. Being trustees and Jane's partners, we fetch all of your information from your jane account in no time. You need to type in your jane link once you hit "Start A Site."

Typing in the link would bring your logo, colors, services, bios, and every critical data set you need to incorporate into your website from the Jane app.

The team has made the process of editing, customization, and synchronization with Jane's information a breeze of Clinic Sites. Our system takes the data, populates your website with it and refreshes your website to make the changes required.

SEO Capabilities
We know how important it is for your site to perform well on Google. That's where the new patients come from.

When generic marketing doesn't help, tap into our expertise to make your healthcare site come to life. We do not only work on designing your website and make it look engaging, but we ensure it's optimized and promoted such that it correctly promote your business objectives.

The Clinic Sites team works hard and always goes the extra mile to ensure that the sites built at Clinic sites, the best website builder for medical clinics, are Google-friendly. Besides adding keyword-rich content, we help clients customize different features and maximize Search Engine Optimization.

Moreover, you can quickly hook up your Google Analytics and Google Search Console within minutes.

The features and customizability options that will help with the SEO of your site are:

  • Customizable page titles and description
  • Image Alt Tags
  • Fast and high performing servers
  • Site Security
  • The automatic Site map generator

In addition to being Google-Friendly, our sites are mobile-optimized, fast-loading, and have simple and engaging content. Moreover, for our clients to get the best knowledge of increasing traffic and acquiring more patients having appointments, we have a series of articles published explaining SEO on our knowledge base. 

Wbat You Need To Know About Pricing
Clinic Sites has a base package of $39/mo. Eveyrthing is included, even amazing technical support.

What does the monthly fee include?

We understand that many health practitioners are having a tight budget that they're running their businesses with. Being the best website builder for medical clinics, we provide ongoing website hosting and support for a monthly fee plus tax.

Here is what your monthly payment will cover

  • Unlimited Technical Support
  • Ongoing Website Maintenance
  • Website Hosting
  • Regular Website Improvements


Customer Support
You can't be great at everything. Even clinic owners need help every now and then.

As a part of the monthly hosting fee, clients get access to customer support, whereby you get quick tech support and answer your queries regarding your website and availability of options.

Don't Miss This Opportunity To Try A Clinic Site For Your Website
They have a no-risk guarantee. Try it for thirty days. You can cancel at any time.

Find out for yourself why we called Clinic Sites the best website builder for medical clinics.

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