Squarespace Website Builder
Aside from creating a website, Squarespace has other features that help to propel a website to completion.

Squarespace has features that help to stay in touch with an online campaign, elevate stories, and assist in digital marketing. Squarespace has a series of website features that can give a website a professional look that involves templates and customization. There is also a community where experts implement clients' suggestions and review new ideas that are frequently mentioned.

Ease of Use
The use of the Squarespace website builder comes with a smooth and easy to understand design process.

The problem with many websites is that they can halt operations on your website without notification. It is not so with Squarespace. They have active e-mail messaging that notify customers about any upcoming developments. Their efficiency in managing over one million websites has shown that they know what they are doing and have a good system in place. They also have design templates that make the website easy for potential viewers to understand. There are over a hundred templates to choose from, and they can be designed to the user's taste.

Design of Templates
When it comes to Squarespace template design, we give them high marks for having many different and unique options.

Squarespace even made it convenient to the extent that they allow a potential user and clients to view and edit the template and confirm if it is okay for their essential purpose. And to make it even more comfortable, there are many portfolios for templates, be it marketing, landing page, and many more. For example, if your website is all about a particular registration system or digital marketing, they are all available. These templates can also be designed for satisfaction.

Customization options
Squarespace has a different kind of customization that allows potential users to choose from multiple font styles.

Aside from that, a photo editor will enable you to create your widgets, an order of operation, and develop clients' experience.

Customer Support

Squarespace has just OK customer support. They do have many FAQs available for questions such as a site loading problem, platform usage, customization. But our team highly values easy to access human customer support.

Squarespace prices can be set up for monthly or annual payments.

The most distinctive feature about its price is that you can pay for what you need (which can only be done by reaching customer service). 

What distinguishes Squarespace from other website builders is that it has a broader reach in helping digital marketing agencies. Aside from that, it has a trustworthy host that notifies the client beforehand if there will be any form of disruption. This will prepare the client mentally, and once the service is back, nothing changes.

Take a look at Squarespace's website.