Weebly is one of the most improved website platforms.
It doesn't get the best ratings online, but recent improvements and additions by the Weebly team have improved this platform dramatically.

While many other web companies have focused on thier marketing campaigns the primary focus of Weebly has been to develop and imporve their platform.

Weebly is intuitive, easy to use and one of the fastest growing platforms on the market. This is another platofrm that allows you to build and edit a website without having to dive into the complex world of coding. Weebly comes with a simple user interface, attractive templates, and eCommerce as well as marketing capabilities that will be great for any new business.

Weebly has many user fiendly features that make it easy to create a unique and attractive website for your business.
The drag and drop interface is designed for ease of use and allows many changes to be made by simply dragging an option from left to right.

This easy to use site builder allows you to create and publish amazingly attractive designs, websites, blogs as well as online stores. Weebly might lacking in visual appeal compared to other web builders, but it is very easy to learn and edit which makes it ideal for businesses looking for a inexpensive and easy option. For instance, using the page manager doesn’t require complicated interface usage and you can simply edit your website by clicking the links and tool boxes provided. Similarly, creating new pages and rearranging the existing ones is relatively simple process for the user.

Another advantage of this platform is the ease in adding third party apps to the platform. They sync well with most apps and can simply be uploaded by adding in the integration code from the app. This combined with the easy to use tool box makes the the build out of pages fast and efficient.

There are nearly 50 different templates to choose from. With all the different themes and categories you are able to find the one that works best for you.

The various categories that are made available include online store, business portfolio, and blogs. While they are not as complex or visually appeals as other platforms they can easily be adapted to your needs without requiring you to learn web designing from the scratch. 

Customization Options
With a Weebly site you will be pleasently surprised with the ability to edit the elemets of your site.

If Many of the basic aspects of the site are quite simple to rearrange and edit. If you wish to change text or if you don’t like the existing background and want the color of a particular section changed these changes can be done easily on a Weebly site. There certainly is a learning curve however, and some of the more complicated changes to the Weebly platform can take time to learn and at times can be frustrating. 

In comparison to other sites Weebly is somewhat middle of the road when it comes to makes edits on an existing site. It is simpler to use than a Wordpress site, but is signifcantly harder than a Get Clear site or a Wix platform when it comes to customization.

What you need to know about pricing.
Weebly’s basic service is free of cost and which is great for a new business, but you also get what you pay for.

The first drawback is that your site name will be linked to Weebly's domain unless you purchase a premium package. As far as paid packages are concerned, the starter package is available at $8 per month with the free URL for 1st twelve months and the Pro is available at $12 offering the same amenities along with bonus of analytics.

This is as cheap a web builder as you will find. However, you very much get what you pay for. The customer service you receive from Weebly is awful and you are very much on your own when it comes to building the site. Unless you have absolutely no budget for a site it would probably be best to look elsewhere. 

Other Important Information


  • Ease of Use
  • Additional features for websites
  • Responsive themes


  • Limited Design Flexibility
  • Multilingual websites not supported
  • Poor customer service
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